Kubischta will open the morning session with a special focus on coach education. Olympic Committee expert Katja Kyckling will talk about the Responsible Coach e-learning course.

A networking meeting for those working in coaching and mentoring on responsible coaching. The second expert will be Frauke Kubischta, who is responsible for promoting cultural and linguistic equality in coaching at the Finnish Coaches Association.

What is the most important lesson of Fair Coaching?

Fair Coaching is a three-year Erasmus+ project that started in 2020 and aims to promote a respectful sports culture, where it is safe for everyone to participate, through communication and education. The project will train those working in the sports coaching environment to recognise inappropriate behaviour, such as misbehaviour, sexual or gender-based harassment or other potentially sexist or discriminatory behaviour. The main objective of the project is to involve coaches, sports clubs and federations, athletes, families and other sport supporters in promoting a fair, inclusive and respectful sport environment, incorporating ethical approaches such as fair play, social and moral values.

Despite the fact that coaches generally act as good role models, unfair treatment or inappropriate behaviour in sport is common, but no more common than elsewhere in society, and inappropriate behaviour takes many forms. It is important that the practices and skills of coaches in addressing these issues are improved. Policies to address inappropriate behaviour have been developed in Finland for some time and the project will bring this to other European countries and hopefully also globally, regardless of the level of competition, age, gender or cultural background of the athletes.

The key outcomes of the Fair Coaching project will be the development of training materials for coaches and stakeholders in the sport environment to promote fair play and equality and to prevent discrimination, abuse and other inappropriate behaviour.